To be part of the VersusFamily, it's requiere to possess the DNA of Versusmind which includes 4 branches.


R & D is at the heart of the spirit of society. With Mind-Lab, our laboratory, we test new concepts, new technologies and new methodologies. This research allows us to improve our future interventions.


With us, feedbacks and projects are combined in the plural. The VersusFamily is there to grow ideas and support one another.


A Versusmind consultant listens, thinks, questions and puts a loop of constant improvement of his actions into place. This allows him to progress and advance the whole VersusFamily. This loop allows us to increase the levels of expertise and excellence indispensable to our businesses and those of our customers.


At Versusmind, we want to change the world with new technologies. We are passionate about innovation, embrace and adapt to change and appreciate a mission that requires strategy and complex architecture. Versusmind began with a commitment to solving problems through technology and this passion has set the rythym for our organization.



Being a candidate for Versusmind

The diversity of the projects as well as the functional and technological contexts that you will meet will allow you to progress by leaps and bounds and to build your CV. - Benoît Koch


The trajectory of the Versusmind teams are at the heart of our concern because they control their success and development. Versusmind offers its employees many career paths, whether you would like to become a senior consultant, architect, project manager, technical leader or manager.

At Versusmind, we encourage community, genorosity and curiosity. We take care of you, and encourage you to develop your skills especially through :

  • Customized training adapted to your projects;
  • Thematic exchanges with Versusmind consultants specialized in your field;
  • Technological conferences and symposia organized every month;
  • Research and analysis publications.


The Three Lives of Versusmind

The versatility of Versusmind, being both a consulting firm and a Saas software publisher, offers our a career as diverse as it is fulfilling :


Whether they be interventions with our clients, major international groups, digital startups or pure web players, we accompany them in the construction or transformation of there IS.


Projects carried out in our agencies, carried out by our agile service center.


R & D and service projects carried out by "NDRX", our cloud service publishing subsidiary, spearhead our excellence and contibute to our future offers.


The diversity of the projects you will have to carry out and the contexts you will meet with Versusmind will allow you to progress very quickly.